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Backgrounds & Headers

To help you show your support on Twitter we have some awesome backgrounds and headers you can use to theme up your Twitter profile, of you could always use them as a pretty neat desktop background!

Just click on the following links below, save out your favourite and then add them as either a background or header on Twitter. It's that simple!

RuneScape Theme

RuneScape - Background

RuneScape - Header

RuneScape - Avatar

Easter Event - Brassica

Brassica - Background

Brassica - Avatar

Brassica - Header

Easter Event - Marimbo

Marimbo - Background

Marimbo - Avatar

Marimbo - Header

Bandos Theme

Bandos Background

Bandos Header

Armadyl Theme

Armadyl Background

Armadyl Header

The Bird and the Beast

The Bird and the Beast Background

The Bird and the Beast Header

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Thanks. :)

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