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Maybe it's already in use, but if not, is it an idea to make monthly backgrounds? For your desktop, so you can 'personalize' your desktop, change it each month and show your support to RS.

For example,
January 2014: WE2
February 2014: <insert major event of that month, can't place my finger on this one>
March 2014: <same>
April 2014: Easter Event
May 2014: Mad May

And maybe for the 'eventless' months just a nice and epic RS background, like Mod Slayer sended earlier in this thread.

I saw other sites use this (for Pay-Per-Views) and it got me highly exited everytime. And couldn't wait for the new background. Maybe it only works for the TV Entertainment Industy tho... but I think it's worth a shot.. :)
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14-May-2014 04:10:16



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I enjoyed the quality of the images. Usually when I try to find a good Runescape background my self my image comes out distorted. These are fabulous. Almost as good as this Liver Soup. :D

30-Jun-2014 08:18:29

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Can we grab some Elf City wallpapers :D?
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04-Jul-2014 19:03:21

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