Christmas Round Up - 19/12

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Christmas Round Up!

Welcome to an exciting new edition of the Community Round Up, but this time with a twist! With so much happening during the festive period we thought it we should dedicate this round up to everything Christmassy in the world of Gielinor!

So, without further ado here’s our special edition Christmas Round Up!

Community Management has gone all out this year with a host of exciting, fun filled events you can all get involved in. With a huge in game party set to happen in the New Year and thousands of Festive Crackers due to be awarded throughout the remainder of December and the start of January, we’re certain you’ll have plenty of things to do in game and on our forums.

To check out all of our events head over to the Christmas 2013 forum found here.

RuneHQ are getting in the festive spirit. They’re running a number of exciting Christmas Competitions where you can get your hands on some awesome prizes!

Platinum Fansite RuneZone aren’t holding back over the Christmas period either with an action packed event named ‘FrostBite’ due to hit Gielinor on the 20th of December. FrostBite, set to last for several hours, promises live RuneRadio entertainment, multiple giveaways, in game activities, JMod presence and more – to make sure you don’t miss out on all the happenings check out their thread here.

To make sure as many people as possible can get their hands on the much sought after Festive Cracker, due to be released on the 20th of December, the following Jagex Moderators will be running a host of Twitter competitions where you’ll have the opportunity to win some festive crackers; be sure to follow them to be in with a chance of winning!


Our players never fail to impress us with their amazing event ideas, and ‘Jimmy Blue’ is no exception!

He’s organized a 2013 Santa Run on World 60 at 4PM GMT which promises to be a whole load of fun. To keep the event as festive as possible make sure you dress up appropriately, so Santa Costume & beards if possible please! Check out this thread here for more information and to sign up to the event.

As this is our last round-up for the year we thought we’d grab some of your favourite JMods to wish you Merry Christmas & all the best for the new year, with Mod Mat K kicking us off with the festive messages!

Mod Mat K - Hey guys, this is Mat K hoping you all have a fantastic Christmas and enjoy the new year, where I am we don’t have new year as it is always 2007!

Mod Infinity – 2013 has been a fantastic year and I hope you’ve all enjoyed it as much as I have. 2014 promises to be even better, so with that being said have a very Merry Christmas & an epic New Year!

Mod MattHe - It’s been an awesome year with Jagex for me and I would like to wish Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all the Clan Leaders and Clannies out there that have been so helpful in the last few months!

Mod Silent (silentc0re) - Hi everyone! Thanks to both the Jagex family and the awesome community who have given me such a warm welcome this year. We’ve had some great livestreams and videos this year – and I hope you’re all ready for an epic 2014! :)

Mod Raven - At this festive time of year, When all the world is in great cheer, Make sure you all remember that There is nothing more festive than a hat! So at Christmas dinner, feeling awkward, Give Gran a crown and #HatItForward! I hope your new year is suitably great, I'll keep the universe up to date, And enjoy this festive Christmas time! Because remember this, the mine.

Merry Christmas future minions.

Mod Sayln- Hey everyone! Mod Sayln here wishing you the very best over the festive period. I hope you all have a fantastic time in whatever you’re doing, and however you’re celebrating.
It’s been a fantastic 2013 for us, and I hope the New Year brings in times of happiness and prosperity. I look forward to having an equally awesome 2014 with you all!

Mod Giara - Good tidings my Gielinorian revellers! Mod Giara here wishing you all the very best this holiday season, grab as much turkey and as many sprouts as you can, get the mulled wine on and cause family rifts over your board game of choice!

Have a wonderful time both in and out of Gielinor all throughout Christmas, we will see you all in 2014 for a wonderful year packed with RuneScape fun.

That's all for this edition! Be sure to keep your eye out for more community news in the New Year. Have a great festive season, and from all of us here at Jagex; merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

The RuneScape Community Team
Mod Infinity
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Ahma Lyra

Ahma Lyra

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Thank you Mod Mat K, Mod Infinity, Mod MattHe, Mod Silent, Mod 'Mwahaha' Raven, Mod Sayln, & Mod Giara for the warm holiday wishes and the Happiest of Yules to you and yours! Looking forward to a fun 2014 on RuneScape!

And thank you for the informative post, Mod Infinity. :D

Love the snowflakes!

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