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Design an Emote!

Ever wanted to have something you've created or designed made part of the live game for thousands of players to enjoy? Well now's your chance!

This exciting competition gives you the opportunity to add a brand new emote to RuneScape; act it out on camera, describe it in text or draw it on paper, that's right, we want you to act out, describe or draw the next in game RuneScape emote which will be available via the Solomon's General store!

It can be anything from a crazy twirl whilst balancing on one leg and doing an epic fist punch to crawling into a ball, exploding like a star fish then doing a mini dance at the end... whatever it is we want to hear about it!

Once the competition closes we'll be picking our favourite entries out and putting the top 5 to a community vote where you'll get to decide which one makes it into the live game, similar to how we did with the Solomon's store outfit competition we ran back in December.

Here's some general guidelines you'll need to follow should you wish to enter:

1. If you wish to submit a video of you acting out the emote please do so via Vine, sending us your link to with 'Design an Emote entry' in the subject

2. If you want to draw your emote on paper or online please send it to with 'Design an Emote entry' in the subject

3. If you'd rather describe how your emote would work then please e-mail your description to with 'Design an Emote entry' in the subject

The winner of the competition will have their emote featured in game through Solomon's store with our team animating the emote as close to the real thing as possible.

The closing date for this competition is Wednesday the 12th of February.

When shortlisting emotes consideration will have to be taken into whether or not the emote is feasible to be animated within the game.

Here's a few of our JMods showing off their moves, starting with Mod Stevew:

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

Up next another one of our visitors!

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

...and finally Mod Osborne!

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

Good luck and have fun with your moves!

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Sounds hilarious, please no gangnam style!

And save me Guthix if someone tries to send any Twerking!>_>

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