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Hi all,

During GameBlast we’ll be running a live stream for 24hrs. With so much time and a building bristling with your favourite developers, we’ll be able to ask stacks of your questions in interviews and Q&As. There are too many J-mods taking part to list them all here but to give you a taste, Mods MMG, Mark, Pips, Dean, Osborne, Deg, Raven, Giara, Ollie, Campbell, Slayer, Mat K, Timbo, Jane.. the list goes on!

So whether you want to know about content they’ve made, content they’re making or their top ten favourite breeds of cat, this is the thread to ask!

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16-Feb-2014 15:35:45

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To Mod MMG:

What area of the game is the one thing you want to see updated most? This can be to do with in-game content, security of accounts, etc. :)

To Mod Dean:

Can we have the ability to remove Chaotic Spikes from our Chaotic Claws so we can sell them as Dragon Claws? It's as if we're tied into some sort of contract by using them on the claws! :)



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Question to all J-mods:

Would you rather, go back in time to Pre 1800's or Go way into the future Post 2200?

Also, will the website Poll about the HiScores actually have an impact or is it just food for thought?

Thanks for answering and thank you Jagex, for allowing players to contribute to a great cause and still do what they love. :)

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Thank you for giving us the opportunity to ask questions to all these J-Mods. :)

I've got a question for upper management:

What are Jagex' long term plans for the Dutch community? Are there any plans to increase language support, in particular Dutch support? Our community has been without dedicated J-Mod support for quite some time now.

16-Feb-2014 16:53:56

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I am looking forward to seeing this livestream while I blast through my Slayer-levels (pun intended)!.. anyhow, my questions are as follows:

Q: How do you think the introduction of the
will impact the community? - will we see a more separated community (i.e. RS3 / OSRS), or will we see a more united community?

Q: I very much appreciate the new
, but I am left wondering why the Legacy-vote was initiated so close to the BETA-release? The changes from the BETA would re-introduce and introduce a range of changes which I personally believe would be the golden middle-way between an updated EoC and an old pre-EoC system. I fear that having these two things this close
greatly impacted and possibly clouded
the voting - what are your thoughts?

Q: What are your future plans with the
- how far will you expand it?

Q: Will we see the long-promised
Forum Update
throughout 2014?*

Q: Will we see a re-introduction of the

*yes, I am fishing for a yes/no answer.. :P!

Stand up for what is right, even if you stand alone

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Was Zeus

Was Zeus

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To anyone:

What is your favourite outfit to wear in-game?

16-Feb-2014 17:40:51

Patrick K
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Patrick K

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Profiled, :)

Q :

Will there be any information released about the new Name Release System?

Q :

Will there ever be a 'Visit Forums' button at the in-game interface some day, that will direct you to the Forums, just like Solomon General Store, it would open another window.

Q :

Will there be any content added to the Clan Citadels?

Suggestions :
ally ( Visit and gather up to 200 recourses at eachothers clans) - with a ally limit ofcourse.
Share Broadcasts ( have the upportunity to share broadcasts with allies such as events).

RuneFest yet?

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Are there any plans for a re-work/re-vamp of the Clan Wars mini-game? - Both the Rated Clan Wars and the Standard one

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