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To a jmod:
I got a banned account, and i waited so long for a simple awnser or anything. i past 4 years without runescape, cause i loved my main acc, and still loving, just waiting for get it back. they put more time to recovery my account and make me sad =l, im old now, i'll do it in right way, can't wait to play again in this new game, cause everything has changed :) (sorry for my bad english)..and dont, i will not create a new acc.

my banned account name: artgt2
im looking for a partner at shield of arrav. add me if u wanna, im old runescape player. hugs to all

22-Feb-2014 20:07:27

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to a jmod: many of your previous mini games are currently glitched out from the eoc, and none of the glitches have been fixed. will you ever fix this?.. a lot of these glitches are seriously annoying, and I would be happy to show them. :) -

from: lRageandlove #5 rank in conquest. (I love this minigame, but because of these many glitches its really difficult to play)

23-Feb-2014 00:01:48



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Seeing as most of these went unanswered (as opposed to the mod post suggesting most if not all could be answered) I think the rest should go into a podcast perhaps?

24-Feb-2014 08:06:07

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Wilf said:
Were the questions answered on the stream/written down?

It would be nice to know as I don't fancy sitting through 24hr of the stream to find a 5min section with the relevant mod on the off chance the question was even asked.

25-Feb-2014 18:17:34

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