RuneScape Road Trip: Minigames

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Elder Horn said:
Bigger returns from successful voyages works fine with me, but 25 voyages per day doesn't really benefit us doing the shield region with ~12+h voyages, except a higher chance of rolling trade goods voyages.
It would have been nice with shorter high-level voyages for the rest of may, such as the loop having pincer-ish times and the shield region having loop-ish times.

Maybe just add a note about the winds being extra favorable for the rest of may, pretty please?

I Totally agree with this.
With CW and SW etc all players benefit from this update while those of
us in POP Above The Bowl voyages gain nothing due to them being 9 1/2
to approx 15.00 hours long for Specials meaning 8 voyages max a day.
Please think of both high and lower level players on any updates in the
future so nobody misses out.
.And now the end is near its time to raise the final curtain.
Regrets i have a few, but i did it my way.

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18-May-2014 04:38:25

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I would love it if castle wars would stay this way lol. I think its just more worth it for tie games to give 2 gold, winning 3 and even if you lose you still get 1. just seems more fair golden wise and for us poor saps with trimmed in mind one day Who am I?

18-May-2014 08:37:33

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- Play 5000 cw games. unlock all capes and get enough tickets for profound
- get all sw rewards
- get 300+ rank at mobilising armies
- unlock all heist rewards
- get all flash powder factory rewards
- unlock all lunar spells
- get all pest control rewards inluding deflector
- get all hybrid armor pieces
- get all runespan rewards including highest esteem
- Play gob to get all runecrafter robes
- and so on...

So no new content for a decade pls. Keep the Ninja Team and put rest of the staff to work on Old School or some new project.

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Wombo Combo

Wombo Combo

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Hello Jagex,

As an avid player of runescape. and seeing that the glorious Fist of Guthix, The Runecrafting Guild, and most of the older minigames-mostly free 2 play- are going down hill, I would like to bring attention to the minigames. This brings grief to me remembering the times of playing them in the past. They are well made games but no one is in the area to have enough people to play the games. I was hoping that your team could host a community event during a weekend or even better a whole week. I believe that this would bring the light back to these minigames that they deserve.

Thank You,

Dion Puthoff

10-Jun-2014 04:00:30

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