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Ninx said:
I'd love to go to MCM Comic Con & take my son with me, he introduced me to Runescape over 10 years ago & boy, how time flies! He now goes to Uni, living away from home but we both still love gaming. As someone once said : you don't stop playing games when you get old, you get old when you stop playing games :)

Well now you get to go, congratulations!

22-May-2014 15:16:18

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Thanks Mod Balance - and Congrats to nin* :) I hope you enjoy Comic Con!

So gutted that I can't go myself. But I'm glad someone else gets the opportunity instead of it going to waste. :)

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Comic Con was awesome, i went to the Runescape area, alot of mods were there including Mod Osborne, who i talked to about the lore and upcoming elf city!, it was great seeing the mods rather than talking to them over a screen, and its made me more optimistic for upcoming updates towards the game :)

25-May-2014 13:39:17

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What the hell??? Thanks for only giving away tickets to people in the region. Thank you for not "providing a disclaimer" before the contest. Stupid jerks at jagex.

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