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Streams This Weekend

The season of featured streamers continues this weekend with Lord Kirk making a very welcome return to the official channel on Friday at 9pm BST. As ever, expect Kirk to be streaming Old School RuneScape while singing for your pleasure.

MotursRS makes his channel debut on Saturday night for a stream that’ll include masses of God Wars, a bunch of minigames, including Castle Wars and Pest Control, and maybe - just maybe - a prize or two.

Mod Dean rounds off the weekend with part two of his Road to Drygores. Few people know more about RuneScape than Dean which makes it even more fun to watch him rage at the screen as he starts RuneScape again from the very beginning. Dean will be champing at the bit from 9pm BST on Sunday.

If you’d like to recommend a featured streamer or you’ve an idea for stream, drop us a mail at and let us know.



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Mod dean is amazing. I even watch him stream eoc content (not a fan of eoc) :D His streams on his channel and Q&A's are amazing. Very entertaining guy. :D

-Sweepstacksss on twitch <3 mod dean!!! @_@, Sad he completed part 1 of outlast tho :(

22-May-2014 11:54:40

Mario Plus

Mario Plus

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Yeah that's cool and all, but someone makes his channel debut on an official RS stream while I, who has been making videos since 2009 have been rejected by the Community Chronicle 4 times?

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