Community Chronicle: 29/05

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Community Chronicle: 29/05

The last two weeks have been busy ones for us here in the Community Team. Attending the MCM London Comic Con, stamping thousands more journals and getting ready for RuneScape’s epic summer - it’s been one heck of a time!

Video & Media

Earlier this month we had a big player visit, where some of our community tested out the up-and-coming Legacy Mode. It was a huge success, and our combat team got some great ideas and suggestions from our visitors.

CavemanFilms, one of the players who came along, has made a video explaining how he got into RuneScape and why he started making videos:

Sticking with all things video, ScapeSkillRS on YouTube has opened a new clan called Initiativity:

Fan Sites

ScapeCentral are hosting a Pest Control event on the 6th of June. Visit their site for full details.

Scape.Tips has helped answer thousands of RuneScape questions, and the guys are looking for more Gielinor experts to join their team.

So, whether you’re a pro ‘Scaper and looking to help others out, or have a question of your own, visit Scape.Tips today, or apply to be an expert.


Whrox is hosting a Battle of the Gods event with a 250 million GP prize pot, which runs on the 7th and 8th of June.

There’s a lot of information to take in, so head over to their thread on the RuneScape forums.

The Family Unity Network are back again and have a host of events you can participate in. With the number of events they host, there really is something for everyone. Pop into their thread and take a look.

Artwork and Pictures

@Teezkut on Twitter has amazed us with his epic IRL RuneScape armour. Visit his full gallery to see his work.

 Teezkut armour

Don’t forget, you can send us your videos, artwork, or events to!

The RuneScape Community Team

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The armour set is cool.

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