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This weekend on we’re bringing you more Saber Six, introducing the wonderfully named MunclesOnkey, and - oh dear - Mod Dean is still shouting at the screen on his Road to Drygores.

Friday 9pm BST

Saber Six is becoming a regular on the official channel thanks to her excellent taste in hats - not to mention her excellent 'Scape skills. She’ll be streaming Old School Runescape in a free-to-play environment for the first time, so it should be very busy.

Saturday 9pm BST

MunclesOnkey will be boss killing before your very eyes. Tune in on Saturday and enjoy the mayhem.

Sunday 9pm BST

Roll up, roll up! Watch a JMod completely lose it! Yes, Mod Dean is back with his weekly visit to the official channel with his new account Little Naarb. Whether you’re feeling nostalgic, are new to the game or just want to see frustration incarnate, this is the stream for you.

If you want to stream on our Twitch channel, drop an email to and let us know!

Paul M

29-May-2014 16:10:14

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