Community Chronicle 26/06

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Community Chronicle 26/06

What’s going on in the RuneScape community? We have events to take part in, organised by both players and fan sites; brilliant videos for you to watch; and a competition to win a RuneScape goodie bag and an awesome headset, in association with our friends at Sennheiser Gaming!

Fan Sites

The good folk at RuneTime have a rather exciting weekend event planned. Mod Lee will be the subject of a live interview on their Radio station! So, if you’d like to find out about his past on RuneScape, life with Jagex, his future plans, and of course about his Video and Music, then tune in this Sunday 29th June, at 8pm BST.


HelmsDeep Productions have produced the finale to their ‘RuneWars’ series of videos; find out whether good or evil will prevail in Gielinor in this exciting finale:

Sir Mikkel has been at it again! Not content with providing us with a RuneScape trailer in the last Chronicle, he’s created a parody quest trailer for Cook's Assistant. And it’s brilliant:

The Legacy Mode Beta has hit RuneScape (and the vote is now live for you to choose whether Legacy goes into RuneScape proper) – if you’ve not tried it out in the Beta, Slayerholik has created a video for new users to jump straight into the Beta and have fun!


Biweekly summer fun events

It’s summer time! And ‘Scapers Oreo and Zoinkwiz are hosting some fantastic biweekly summer events, designed to give you some fun in the sun (whilst not actually being outside in the sunshine).

Their first event is a Hide-N-Seek in the Elven lands – there will be rewards up for grabs and they'll be testing your Elven knowledge too! Join them this Friday at 5pm BST, w100 at Ardougne North Bank.

For more details about this event, and all the others they have planned this summer, visit Oreo's forum thread.

Social Media - Mass In-Game Gathering

Are you a part of any of the RuneScape Social Media communities? Well, Falador Swag is organising a mass get-together for all of you to meet each other and celebrate being part of the RS social media community!

It’s on Friday 4th July, 8pm BST, at w3 Mudskipper Point, so head on down! Find full details on the forums.

Sennheiser competition

We've teamed up with Sennheiser Gaming to offer five lucky ‘Scapers a Sennheiser gaming headset and a RuneScape goodie bag!

Sennheiser Competition Prizes

For a chance to win, simply enter before June 30th. Good luck!


Sacornus has sent us an idea for a weasel thief pet, and we love it. We hope you do too.

Gielinor Weasel Fan Art

We’re always looking for great stuff to feature, so please send in your videos, events, artwork, and other community-related awesomeness to, and who knows? We may feature you in a future edition.

Thank you very much for reading, and happy ‘Scaping!

The RuneScape Community Team

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Hey, I'm not sure if this is the correct thread for this but I'll try anyway. As Armadyl has full Armour, a weapon (crossbow) and shield, I thought Bandos should have the same. Bandos currently has full armour and a shield but no 1h weapon. I would love Bandos to have a cool rapier or axe type weapon. I reckon that would be amazing. Also if the set was used together there could be a bonus :) ? The special attack could be a glowing stab or slash. just thought I would give a suggestion :) thanks for reading and i hope you make it!!

26-Jun-2014 12:24:19



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Can we pweeeeeease make that pet a reality. I'd love any weasel pet in-game. Right now all I got is one of those ferrets you use for hunting in my inventory. He goes with me everywhere. :)

26-Jun-2014 13:13:56

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