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Super Fly
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Super Fly

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Hey there! Glad to see you are getting settled in, the community seems to love you! It's like the old days all over again ;)
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PM me in game if you need any

10-Jan-2015 21:25:09

Miss Kizmo

Miss Kizmo

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Mod Kalaya said:
Stan, you devil :P Only had to wait around 20 minutes for that Fist of Guthix minigame! :O

Thanks for popping by, hope to see lots of you in future events :)

Yeah that Stan is a bit of a devil with awesome posts all over the forums, I'm contemplating on becoming his stalker ^_^ Well I've gotta give up on Mod Jon as I don't see him around anymore ;) So that Stan might just have to be :D
Love & peace <3

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Welcome to the community, Mod Kalaya! :) I remembering seeing you around Twitter and at Community Events! My favorite skill is Dungeoneering too and I am also 120! :D I hope you are enjoying your new role! :)

19-Jan-2015 13:04:24

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