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The Well of Goodwill Celebrations

The Well of Goodwill has now been closed - thank you to everyone who has donated! We have one last party scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday 2nd December to wave goodbye to the Well for this year; details below.

Hello! Are you feeling charitable?

The Well of Goodwill is back again and we want to donate as much money as possible to a worthy cause! Therefore, we're celebrating milestones with you and doing a weekly prize draw for everyone who donates their hard-earned gold!

Click on the below titles for more details, and we hope you take part!

Party Scheduled!!
500B Celebration - World 11 - Well of Goodwill start - 3PM GMT - 2nd Dec - FC: Mod Kalaya

Well of Goodwill has now been closed, so join me in one last celebration of our achievements!

Weekly Prize Draw

Milestone Parties

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I hope we smash the record this year! Its not about what you can win, but why you are doing it! These charities are simply amazing and it will be a honor to donate to the cause!

Thank you Jagex for doing this again this year :D
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29-Oct-2014 17:28:49

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profiled, nice idea

hopefully people who got the spare cash will be generous in spending it to the charities.
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Ermagherd! I'm on the first page, Am I cool yet, guys?

In all seriousness though, although I'd rather donate with my money in real life, I'm sure I'll drop a pile of gold or two in. It's nice to put the well to use, rather than have it sit there.

29-Oct-2014 18:54:24

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I usually just give away my excess coins to F2P players as they appreciate it more; yet this generous cause seems a better route instead ^_^.
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29-Oct-2014 19:23:04

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Why is this in USD and not GBP - nothing to do with the exchange rate difference making it cheaper overall I am sure. Very disappointed :@
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29-Oct-2014 19:54:54

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