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Upcoming Live Streams

On the 7th of November at 5pm GMT, Mods Wolf, Stu and Giara will be live streaming in-game footage of the Elf City Part 2.

We will introduce the four remaining clans (Amlodd, Hefin, Ithell, Meilyr) and their magnificent city districts.

Please note that we will not be taking questions from this thread for the Elf City live stream. If you have a question, please ask it in the chat during the live stream itself.

On the 11th of November at 5pm GMT we will be seeing the return of Design Director Mod Mark for an intense Q&A about his time here at Jagex and his history with RuneScape.

If you would like to ask Mark, you can ask them here. We'll collect them up and put them to the man himself on the day.

All live streams are held over on the RuneScape Twitch channel.

Mod James
Live Streaming Team

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I know you said you wouldn't be reading this, but, I wanted to say I am happy to hear about the live stream. I will attempt to ask my questions in the chat there; I only hope you can see them over the Rek* comments. =P

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Thank you for doing this Mod Mark.

My question is:

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You have said at RuneFest that you're not a fan of a Smithing rework, yet many a player would love to see runite being smithed at 50, with additional metals like Orichalcum and Necronium being introduced (this would be balanced with current gear, obviously). Why are you so adamant about adding more content to a broken skill, instead of fixing it by reworking it? Wasn't it the year of the player? Well players clearly are calling for a rework, not an add-on.

I hope you'll answer this question!!!

- Support the Smithing & Mining rework! -
is fixing our skills, and starting with these will start the
Support us!

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My questions are:

- will there be pickpocketing for the other 4 clans?
- can we train divination at the divination/Summoning clan part?

What can people do with the motherlode shards if you're not 115 dungeoneering.

Because 90% of the people is lower than 115...
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