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Double XP & GameBlast

RuneScape's next Double XP Weekend is running from 12:00 UTC on 20th February to 12:00 UTC on 23rd February!

Tying in with GameBlast15 - the charity gaming marathon weekend run by the fantastic SpecialEffect - Double XP Weekend gives you an extra reason to log on and get involved. Whether you're raising money with your own RuneScape marathon or just getting in game to show your support, you can be sure of some awesome XP gains.

Like last year, we'll be running an epic 24-hour charity live stream and opening the Well of Goodwill for donations, and the community will be bursting with events, competitions and things to do.

GameBlast15 is a way to make a real difference, and have a whole load of fun while you're at it. Look out for news on how you can participate, watch and donate closer to the time.

Until then, start planning how you'll make the most of that double XP!

The RuneScape Team


Many of you have noticed that this Double XP Weekend is quite close to the last one in November, and have expressed concern that Double XP is becoming more frequent - even that it might become the norm.

That's certainly not the case. We won't be running more than a couple of these a year.

We wanted to run this Double XP Weekend in conjunction with GameBlast15 - which is set for February 20th - as an extra way to encourage involvement in the charity event. Coupled with the fact that the last Double XP Weekend was a little late, this means that the gap between them has been shorter than usual.

After GameBlast15, there'll be no more than one other Double XP Weekend in 2015, and – should we run one - it’ll be much later in the year. To run them more frequently than that would make them less of an event, and nobody wants that.

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Seems to soon! Only feels like five minute since the last one.

I'd love it if you stopped bonus XP being added to double XP, as some people were getting ridiculous amounts of experience.

16-Jan-2015 12:19:33

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Again? ._. BXP promotions need to slow down a bit, we already have Hati/Skoll/Fenrir this month as it is.

I appreciate your charity efforts and gp/item sinks via the well of goodwill at events like these but your recent statements of intent to make skillcapes/max/comp/trim 'prestigious' again gets undermined by these frequent xp handouts and TH promotions.

We also have Alchemist's amulets and their various reskins from Treasure Hunter undoing some of the good that these GP sinks do for the game's economy.
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