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KCin - the action taken isn't going to be reversed.
Ferenc2017 - As far as I can see this is one bump per day on each thread. That's not excessive.
King Awesome - The thread was an inappropriate discussion for the forums, and the title was not exactly conducive to a healthy thread. It'll remain locked and should not be recreated.
Cyanid, Extort - this has already been dealt with.
Zoj - the thread lock correctly referenced the forum specific rules. A Form game should have a point to it - being the winner when you're the last post isn't much of a point. Try to think of challenges posters have to meet, or fun they can have!
AvidSpark - The mute stands. Your behaviour was unacceptable.
Mrs Usagi - The thread owner was happy with the decision to hand over the thread. It was his decision to make whether he kept it, so there's nothing to review here.
The thread in which you feel players are following you - I saw healthy discussion. Even if it's discussion that doesn't agree with you, that's still healthy. Nothing inappropriate was said.
5-x - thanks for the heads up, I'll investigate.
Sandworm - A 3 month gap is gravebumping, of which there have been a few in your thread. The thread has been unlocked, but should gravebumping continue it may be locked again for good.

Thanks all, new forum moderation review thread here.
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