48th Player Gallery

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48th Player Gallery

Well done to our winner Pomar1 with the piece titled:

"We, of the Tarddiad"

2nd place goes to a piece titled "Tirannwan Elf Land" by Legend Arts.

and 3rd place goes to Misplacable for the piece titled "The gentle elf returns home"

Here are a few that were given special mentions by our team. Thank you to Nattie (Titled: Lady Glarial), V O R P A L (Titled: Rest) and Xara (Titled: A Song for Nature) for these lovely pieces and for everyone that submitted their artwork. It must have been a very difficult decision. Please keep entering. We'd love to see more of your work. ^_^

The official Player Gallery Page will be updated as soon as possible where you will be able to see more of the entries of the Elven themed Player Gallery.

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I have to say. I do like first places. But 2nd places is my favorite. Legend arts captured amazing scenery and runescape traits in it. The citadel floating in the distance. The entire piece is peaceful and welcoming just like the elf lands. Well done everyone!
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24-Feb-2015 21:57:00

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All respect to the amazing artists/artwork portrayed here. Though, I have to say my favorite one is
"Tirannwn Elf Land" by Legend Arts
. I've seen a lot of his work and love his concept art and his vast imagination! Keep up the great work guys :)
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25-Feb-2015 03:44:55

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gratz on the winners as always, 1st place really hit the spot in atmosphere!

can't wait to see the other entries, hope mine made it in somewhere :'*
if not theres always next time. c:
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26-Feb-2015 07:58:47

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