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Dear Jane,

It's a sad week this upcoming week and you'll surely be missed Jane. I remember about a year ago when we talked a lot over Twitter, where I provided names of glitchers/bug abusers, lurers, scammers and many more rule breakers which were taken care of accordingly. You were the one that made this all happen. The goal as always was to create an even better community.

It's been a hefty 4 years at Jagex for you, it's the community that kept you going and made it feel like it wasn't a job. As they say; if you love what you do, you'll never have to work a day in your life.

The community did have its ups and downs; like every community does. This one though always ended with the positive side which kept people heading forward instead of reversing into a downfall.

You'll surely be a remembrance for this community Jane and will be missed in the future. Even if I do not manage to catch you this week I'll be sure to stay in touch with you and I wish you the best outside of Jagex.

The best wishes,

What isn't broken can still be broken.

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