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Hello there!

This month, in celebration of summer and all good things, it's time to hit the forums! Across July we will be hosting competitions daily with some fantastic prizes to be won. Check back on this thread every day to find out what you can do today!

Today's Competitions:
Which NPC would you choose to organize a party for you?
Puzzle & find what the NPCs have in common competition

Ongoing Competitions:
Player Gallery 53: The Goebie Planet

Posts of Interest:
Day in the Life of Mod Whalefis (Art)
A Day in the life of Audio by Mod Ian
Day in the Life of Mod Jester (Web)
Day in the Life of Mod Asherz (RS-DoS)
Day in the Life of Mod Joe (Guardians)
Week in the Life of Mod Kalaya (CM)
Day in the Life of Mod Deg (The Watch)
Week in the Life of Mod Osborne (Lead designer)

What's going on?

In the month of July, we will be hosting the Forum month. There will be at least one new competition every day, and players have only 24 hours to enter the competition. These have been graded - Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond, with better prizes for the better competitions. There are 3 bronze, 2 silver and 1 Gold competition held each week, and Diamond competitions will happen randomly over the month.

Whilst the Bronze, Silver and Gold competitions will have announcement posts and a specific thread to post on, Diamond winners will be chosen from a random thread in the indicated forum. This means you should get involved in the forum - start a relevant discussion, chat with the community there and get to know them. The more you post, the better your chance to win - but spam posts or off-topic discussion will not count. When the Diamond competition is live, it will be announced in this thread.

There will also be bigger competitions going on, such as the Design a Raid competition, which will last longer and have bigger prizes.

On Fridays, Mods will be releasing their week-in-the-life-of blogs, where they discuss a week or a day that's gone by, for a little preview into life at Jagex!

On the 2nd July, the mods will be posting on the forums! Make sure you get your typing fingers at the ready, as we'd love to hear your thoughts on all things RuneScape! Let's get some great discussions going!


Finished Competitions
Poetry for your fave Jmod/NPC
Beach Competition
The Best Update?
4th July Celebration!
Best clan citadel chill out room competition.
How many lines of code were used to make the Clan Camp competition.
What would be your one line of Lore competition.
Fondest clan memory competition.
Backstory in 45 words competition.
Clan Avatar chat competition.
Item Competition.
Raids Screenshot Competition.
Item Discussion competition 2!
Item Discussion competition 3!
Item Discussion competition 4!
Item Competition Grand Finale!
What Grinds Your Gears?
Poetry for your fave Jmod/NPC
Favourite Update and Why
Controversial Updates Puzzle
Punishments for Rulebreakers
Big Cats Puzzle
Character motto competition
Design a forum competition!
Roleplay a raid
What voicemail message would a boss leave on your answering machine?
Tears of Guthix on the forums competition

Diamond Competition Winners
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Yeah; but as Zaros said, they steal and use her energy as well (Which she had so little of to begin with, yet managed to live for countless years)

It just felt weird to me to see wisps (As well as in One of a Kind and Hero's Welcome) in these places.

We know the ones on Gielinor come from a combination of Anima, Guthix's energy and memories, as well as the Edicts barrier.

Plus the Muspah drop energy rather than bones, so we know that's what they're made of. Muspah = Kami/ Aagi confirmed?

Congratulations Barnabix, you're the Diamond Winner! I'll be getting in touch with you shortly with news of your prize ^_^
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Product Manager | @JagexKalaya

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Interesting idea for the month, looking forward to participating where I can. :D
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