53rd Player Gallery - Winners

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Mod Jd

Mod Jd

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Some stunning entries here guys - well done to all the winners.

Don't forget - it's Golden Gnomes season! We'd love you to nominate your favourite artists from the RS community.

Information on how you can do it is here. Good luck to all of our nominees!
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27-Aug-2015 12:20:42



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Hey, I was wondering if it was possible to make the player gallery pages easier to find. Searching player gallery 53 wouldn't bring up the forum thread before this one regarding the beginning of the gallery. It literally took me a half hour to find it, and I cheated, I figured out that you could see what pages you had recently posted on. No matter what I typed into the search bar I was not able to find the gallery start page. I don't know how I found it the first time. Anyway, thanks for including mine, one of my crappiest pieces of work... But that's what happens when you realize the deadline is in just a few hours. Good job to the winners, and I look forward to the next gallery.

One more thing, a couple of us on deviantart were a bit confused about how winners were chosen, I was talking with the winner of the last gallery and while the piece was good we both agreed his wasn't the best one there and that someone else should have won. Just wondering and I don't meant any offense to any other artists here. Thanks!
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29-Aug-2015 05:11:28

Mod Neena

Mod Neena

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Sorry everyone, I was off ill last week then away for a wedding this week.

I'll be giving out prizes as soon as I can.

Thanks for your patience. :)
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04-Sep-2015 17:23:09

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