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Xenon Ray
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Xenon Ray

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Oh well, didn't win premier club this year. Can't expect to do so 2 years in a row, though. Guess I'll have to find another way.
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04-Jan-2016 16:36:38

Mod Kalaya

Mod Kalaya

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Do more events that offer Concept art as prizes... I won the forum story comp months ago and all I got was Runecoins :(

Awh :P Every one of the Christmas competitions (almost) won concept art!

Best of luck getting some artwork in the future ;)
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04-Jan-2016 16:42:38

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Oh right, just found this thread.

I just now came on the forums to have another look at the Christmas section/threads and was like, wha why have they removed them already!? I wanted to know who won the Premier membership. I simply assumed they'd remain until the removal of the quest so still had time.
LOL anyway it's disappointing news that I didn't win.
Just wanted to read the last few pages of the chat thread as well.

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05-Jan-2016 07:54:11

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