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Petition to make Dave Benson Philips president of Jagex and Mod Shawny VP.

Benson's personality is crazy awesome and so is Shawny love his laugh.
So far the stream is a "blast" to watch. A real

Everyone's attitude is great thus far making this stream the best. Also Mod Kelpie's hybrid soloman demon claw and friar monk hairstyle is pretty brave.:P
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safe, one world event at a time.

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The Millionaire
" would be amazing! But 100mil is like 50% of all i have :(

Gotta consider if i really want this for a while...
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Fire trucks
are actually
water trucks

27-Feb-2016 00:01:34

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Fun stream. Streamers/players were obviously "at home". A rowdy bunch ;) Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. Except Lucy when dipped into the goo. She looked seriously pissed off...

Mod Shauny's "Subway segment" - confusing. O_o

Maybe there could have been more video of the Tesla to put some meat on the hype. Had omg made some customizations for customers? Interior?

Chronicle was more interesting than I expected once I had some understanding how the game really works. Contrary to the first glance, It's not so obvious after all.

I participated The Drop. I need to improve my knowledge of the details of this game. :|

I bought "the balloon with physics" from Solomon's to serve as my donation. I donate real life cash only to local (where I live) charities but I guess I could still donate some in game wealth or bonds to the well. Where else I'm going to be able to spend those, right? I was prepared to dump 20-40 mil to The Well but seeing how the expectations were well achieved and beyond, I no longer feel comfortable doing so. Donating in game wealth to the well comes out of Jagex's pocket which in turn means they need to cover this by membership fees and microtransactions. This can be harmful to the ppl who are struggling to put together enough money (or collecting in-game wealth to buy bonds) to pay their membership. And donating even more now, raises the bar higher for next year. But that's the way of things. Always more more more. In case of special effect the need is genuine and not purely greed. I need to ponder this. There's still time to dump something in the well.

Noobscape was both "torment" and fun. Excellent. Next time start by turning off invites. Also give "noobs" "kick the bully" (5min ban) ability.

Big thanks to everyone present at Jagex HQ for providing an entertaining 24hr stream! Well planned main stream and a brilliant "invisible" team that kept cogs and wheels turning made sure, everyone was able to enjoy the event. Fantastic job!

27-Feb-2016 16:32:35

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Was probably the most enjoyable stream I've ever watched. Gave me lots of entertainment for the whole 24 hours, as i did stay up the whole time Fletching. #worthit #lunaisbae

27-Feb-2016 19:55:30

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Wait so the bonus xp will be turned off at today's reset, correct?

Gosh, I will barely make 99 Fishing.

Still, I had a good run. Got level 99 Smithing, Fletching, Hunter and hopefully Fishing.

Also got levels in other skills.

28-Feb-2016 20:13:43

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Why only lasted 3 days for the balloon and stuff thing
I was going to get it just needed an extra hour but noo
it might be the 30th over there where you are Jagex
but only the 29th here still not too fair for Ppl who was
just 1 hour away from get it wasted a bond on your
dumb Rune Coins without checking if it was still there 3
days though common some of us don't play this game.

Can't even give least a week time now now a days &; I miss
something by 1 hour time and wasted money to thank you very much,.
Should be allowed refunds in this game but noo you guy's are
too cheap to even do that for anyone next charity event you guy's
should have it back in there like you did with the valentines day event
had past event stuff in there for Ppl to actually get a chance to get em too.
If not Imma quit cause I'd like those virtual balloons u can transfer
all the Rune coins off my account for the balloons thing or give my bond back pls?

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