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Draco Burnz
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Draco Burnz

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Rs3 Legends said:
When does the code come up?

Guardian Elf said:
Visit Diango in Draynor, talk to him and tell him you're there for the Yak Scythe. Fill in 28052016 to unlock the Yak Scythe. (It's a cosmetic item, so check your wardrobe in your customization options.)

No need to wait just do whats said here^.
Draco Burnz
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Support and

28-May-2016 19:34:16

Roddy Piper
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Roddy Piper

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Awesome survey, I aced this test. BUT, I need you to advertise it better. I got no email notification, no inbox, no nothing. It's up to you to find every single Runescape player and force them to take the survey. That way, and I can assure you, the results will match my form and the game will be greatly improved for us all. As of now I suspect it's just me and like 1300 lorehounds or reddit users. NOT GOOD!

28-May-2016 22:55:10

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Hey Mod Osborne,
In terms of what to call the two types of Anima, how about Destruction Anima (for combat) and Creation Anima (for everything else)?

29-May-2016 11:16:04 - Last edited on 29-May-2016 14:44:30 by Bloodaura

Yusou Bhoroi
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Yusou Bhoroi

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A few things needing clarification in the poll:

1: I realise you're only including things you're proposing updates for in the poll, but asking someone what their favourite activity in RuneScape is, and then missing out Minigaming, is just flamebait! You should really ask something more along the lines of: Comparing the following RuneScape activities, which do you rate the highest/enjoy the most?

2: 'subscribe' - what does this mean? I would take it to mean a direct-debit, only, and not include other non-recurring payment methods.. but it could also mean any form of payment (it's hard to tell, as you can't see if there are other questions about payment methods, after, which allow for other payment methods).

30-May-2016 06:06:28

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