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Hi Jagex,

I think it is too hard to find where to post a possible hacker. Could you guys maybe make another section in the Runescape support for this? I think all of us legit players are trying to keep Runescape hack-free because getting hacked is annoying in every way. If posting more suspicious cases, we could collaborate and get rid of them so that our community does not get discouraged to play after getting hacked.

I hope you all agree to this.

05-Apr-2018 10:51:43

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A possible hacker? Runescape is not the police.

Just make sure you follow all security measures provided by Jagex to mitigate becoming a victim.
Stay out of fishy business and people. <-- Probably better than most security measures.
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06-Apr-2018 21:47:01

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I think in most cases players do expose their login details by themselves on a phishing website or sharing their account with someone else who then uses his footprint on the account to recover it. So using the security advises and tools RuneScape does offer should solve most of the "hacker" problems. A great step by step guide how to secure your computer and account can be found here:

If you recently got "hacked" feel free to send an email to to let Jagex investigate the situation and let take them action if needed. Please note, that Jagex is unable to reply directly to your email.
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07-Apr-2018 13:23:15

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