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I know we've been asking for them for a while, but I'm still hopeful about forum notifications. I.e. when we log into the RS website there would be a little red notification badge indicating any replies we've received on our threads, or people quoting our responses, or people tagging us in a response.

I mean it would be neat if we could get the notifications in game, or in the lobby, or on the companion app (push notifications anyone?) All opt-in and customizeable of course, but if that's too much to ask, really I would just be happy with a simple notification section on the website to see who responded and when and where.

Currently it's just too archaic and clunky to check if anyone has responded to you, since you've got to go to the thread and search the whole thing. When the thread is incredibly long I just won't do it.

Is this the proper place to ask about that, or should we suggest it in new game content or ninja fixes? Since it's a suggestion concerning forums I wasn't sure where it would get the proper attention.

20-Jan-2018 00:16:46

Jeremy C
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Rain-senpai said:
I mean it would be neat if we could get the notifications in game. . .

Not too much to ask, in my opinion. If they do ever overhaul the forums, they should look into creating a "forum tab" in game that updates players on forum notifications and new threads being created in forums that the player follows.

Also, in case it wasn't obvious, I strongly support a forum notification system. :P
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20-Jan-2018 01:41:35

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