I was scammed from tressure hu

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Dairy Cow
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Dairy Cow

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I bought the home chef promotion for keys it's been 16 hours and I haven't gotten them. it said 2 hours at most. I don't want to be scammed by jagex super rewards and runesacpe.

29-Mar-2018 22:22:18



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Dairy Cow said:
i've already put one in. to them and to runescape

Let me quote:

"Once you have followed all of the steps to fully submit your ticket the SuperRewards team will aim to reply to you within 48 hours.

If SuperRewards team are unable to resolve or explain your missing rewards after
48 hours
, please read this related article which will ask you to contact a Customer Service Specialist at Jagex. "

Hope that helped! :)
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29-Mar-2018 22:53:12



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Hey Dairy Cow, glad to hear you reported this as 0815 was so awesome to supply you with the links.
I will also make sure to run this up the ladder to reports.
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29-Mar-2018 23:14:56

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