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Is this the picture you are trying to add?

If so, when you are using the [imgur src=] tag, you have to add what I've highlighted in red after the = sign:

This is what it's supposed to look like: [imgur src=rSTiwDw.png]

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imgur src=CJviGI9.jpg?2

What am I doing wrong?
Keep getting message: The message contents were missing or invalid.

(Brackets removed to show what I'm trying to post with the imgur button thing.) Nothing else modified.

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Liebster said:

May I use your posts or better the content of your posts for my guide.


What guide are you trying to write, if it's essentially the same guide then it's kinda pointless as people can just come here but if it's on another subject then I don't see any reason why not

I will say yes or no when I know what you want it for :P
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