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Spanish Forums:


Hello, everyone.

I am here today to plead for my colleagues over at the Spanish community. We have been through many storms and even though these storms have depleted us, they have not defeated us. On the contrary, they have given us the ability to come closer and become a stronger community. However, we are still in need of major assistance from the Jagex Moderators.

Throughout my journey here at RuneScape, I have always formed part of the Forums first and then the game. I have been part of these Forums since 2003 and I have never left them behind in the fifteen years I have resided here. Then, my other community was born and taken away. If you are still interested, please continue to read about the Spanish community's appeal.

In order for you to understand our predicament, I must first enlighten you with the history regarding our community. Without further ado, here is our bumpy chronological timeline:

August 4th, 2009
: Mod Achilles introduces himself as the new Spanish J-Mod.

October 8th, 2009
: The Spanish Forums are created.

November 24th, 2010
: Mod Achilles leaves Jagex.

May 10th, 2011
: Mod Keildest is introduced as the new Spanish J-Mod.

July 6th, 2011
: Mod Stevew announces the termination of support for some localized communities. See Forum Language Changes for reference.

July 19th, 2011
: Localized forums were deleted.

April 24th, 2013
: Spanish RuneScape was launched and so were the Spanish Forums.

October 23rd, 2014
: Spanish RuneScape servers were removed and support for the Spanish forums was immediately halted.

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During their short-lived iteration, the Spanish Forums were always frequented by people that cared and still care for them. Right after Mod Achilles departed Jagex, Mod Edu from the French community was nice enough to look out for the community and assist whenever he could. In addition, we had the support of three Forum Moderators and they were Banim, Shinjita, and The JCL. Player Moderators of Hispanic heritage were also part of the movement to ensure that the Spanish servers were taken care of.

Unfortunately, as Jagex support kept imploding, these Moderators were left alone and thus the Forums started to decline. Gladly, though, we had a number of members that kept fighting here on the English forums to maintain our wonderful community together. To mention a few: Banim, Ajente02, Popeosorio, Chcmj, MageHunt50, Kuze Ryuuh and myself. I created a couple of threads for the attention of Mod Stevew and the Head of Community Management Mod Baker011 at the time, but sadly, those threads are long gone. However, you can still find my posts on the Forum Language Changes thread.

Moreover, it didn't matter. The Forums were closed and we were left deserted. Since we did not have the appropriate support, I took the initiative to translate the RuneScape Code of Conduct and the Rules of RuneScape to help the community understand. Also, I am in the process of translating all the guides that are currently available here on RuneScape that are related to account and billing issues. Having come from the Account Help forum, I can easily relate to my colleagues and I will personally take care of this section. As for the billing section, I hope I can receive Finance's permission to translate his outstanding billing guides to Spanish.

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I am creating this thread on behalf of my friends, brothers, and acquaintances that belong to the RuneScape Spanish community. These people have been left alone for almost four years now and it is completely impossible to do something individually. Many members have been trying to help those in need but that is not enough. I also cannot do it myself and that is why I am writing this petition. Together we can do it so I am asking for your help.

As of right now, you are not able to access the Spanish Forums through the drop-down menu of flags located on the bottom right corner of your Forums screen. For your convenience, I have added a direct link to our community at the top of this thread. It would be nice if we had the flag added to the menu again. I understand we do not have the Spanish servers anymore, but since the Spanish Forums are still there, adding the Spanish flag would make it easier for us to access these Forums.

We currently do not have any Forum Moderators as it is obvious due to the fact that Jagex doesn't provide support for the Spanish Forums. However, I think this can change. Currently, the Spanish Forums are a mess and I am fighting to change that. I started a movement when I translated two of the most important documents here on RuneScape: the Code of Conduct (Forums) and the Rules of RuneScape. I wish to do it again by appealing to colleagues to join me in the battle to make the Spanish Forums enjoyable again. Like I previously mentioned, I'm translating all the guides I can so that once I am done, I can post them on the Spanish Forums to clean them up.

Unfortunately, though, I cannot do that myself. I can for sure translate all documents I want but the Spanish community does not have the attention of Jagex and if we do not have a structure in the Forums with the addition of a Forum Moderator, then all I have done, all I am doing and all that I will do means nothing. That is why we, as a community, need your help, Jagex.

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With the addition of Local Moderators (Moderation Team Introductions), I asked them if any of them speaks Spanish and that's where I came up with this idea to fight for the Spanish Forums again. I still haven't received a response so I went ahead and created this thread. We are not asking for 100% support as we know that would take money, time and resources. However, a little acknowledgment wouldn't hurt and most definitely some order would be nice as well by adding a Forum Moderator.

We can all agree that if someone were to look after the Spanish Forums, that person can always translate from Spanish to English and English to Spanish for Jagex. That shouldn't be that hard. Seeing the Spanish Forums the way they are right now hurt and it will keep hurting me and my colleagues. It also hurts when I see someone post in Spanish here on these English Forums and I cannot reply accordingly. I want to change that. We want to change that.

Please, look into this. All we are asking for is a little support for our Spanish Forums. I know and comprehend your decision to terminate the Spanish servers, but please allow us to keep the Spanish Forums alive for our community. That's the only place we have that we call home and we still want to keep calling it home for many years to come.

I am Wynd and I have loved these RuneScape Forums since 2003 and I am still here. I wholeheartedly wish to enjoy the Spanish Forums the same way I have enjoyed these Forums for the past fifteen years. Please, Jagex and thank you.


Wynd & the whole Spanish Community.

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