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@Wilf, Hi, you are preaching to the choir friend...

Some people are saying that it appears that the CM team may not believe that they are neglecting their duties on RSOF, (you know the forum website that Jagex owns) though. :P

Some people are also saying it is possible that they may be thinking that they are doing an excellent job utilizing their community management skills on the forums. After all, the Jagex CM team has subcontracted out their RSOF community engagement duties to Keywords Studio & are planning to issue them community management oversight of the companies very own volunteers in the near future.

Some people are also saying that it also appears that Jagex will be issuing Keyword Studio subcontractors gold accounts too. It is worth while to mention that gold accounts both in-game & on the forums, since the beginning of time, have been branded to designate a 'Jagex employee'. That is how we as customers know that we are being responded to or are being provided information by a 'Jagex employee'.

Third party contractors are not 'employees' of the company that is subcontracting their services. To imply to the customer that the subcontractors are 'employees' is, politely put, disingenuous.

It is quite possible that in the near future that the forums will see an increase of 'gold' posting & it will appear as if 'Jagex employees' are actually posting here again. Isn't that what everyone wants to see, more gold right?

Just think, after awhile no one will ever know when they see a gold account posting on RSOF in the future if it is actually a 'Jagex employee' or a subcontractor. Interesting way to improve the optics right?

Good gravy...folks really didn't think that the forum website was actually going to be given its due diligence by the CM team did they?

20-Jan-2019 01:36:30

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