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Ash Shley
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Ash Shley

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Hola a todos!

Soy una de los fundadores del
Good Force
, un nuevo clan social.

Si quieres un clan social sin florituras y requisitos agotadores no mira mas alla.

Somos pocos, pero tenemos
buenas ondas
buena gente
. Nuestro proposito es hacer amistades mientras que estamos skilleando en Runescape.

Agregame [
Ash Shley
] in-game si quieres hablar mas sobre el clan o entrarlo. Tambien revisare este foro si quieres hablar conmigo.

Nos vemos!
Here to help.

30-Sep-2018 13:43:29

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10-Oct-2018 02:37:54

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Hi Ash Shley I appreciate that you are wanting to recruit for your clan.

The Forums are meant to be understood and enjoyable for all. Therefore, please make sure to use English when posting on the English language Forums. If you wish to post in Spanish on the English, then you should also provide an English translation of your posts.

Also, if I understand your post correctly, your clan is a social clan with no requirements for joining. This forum is for clans that have a skill total level requirement to join, or a foucus on a particular skill. Your clan would better fit in the Recruitment - Social & Community Clans Forum.

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10-Oct-2018 02:41:03

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