Domination - T7 - 2k

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Evil Ryu

Evil Ryu

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• Total level?


• How many skills have you achieved mastery over (99'd)?


• What is the 3rd clan rule ^ ?

Do not berate Avatar Wardens for clan avatars to be located at specific places.

• What are your past clan experiences, and if any then what made you leave the last clan that you were a part of?

Enticed, not active enough and did not have avatar out often.

• What do you know about the Domination clan, and what about it interests you?

I have a few friends in the clan and having the avatar out is nice as well.

• What are your expectations of this clan?

To make friends and do pvm with others.

• Do you play Runescape at least 5 hours per week?


* Time zone?


• What are some of your current in-game goals, and what motivates you to strive towards achieving them?

Trying to retrim, only missing souls. I like the way trim comp cape looks.

30-Nov-2017 07:48:57

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