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Welcome, potential Talent Squad member!

What started as just a casual clan back in December 2012, Talent Squad has evolved with the addition of many high level skillers, so we thought it would be fitting to encourage this new direction we're heading in by opening our clan publicly for anyone that is interested in being involved in a very high level skilling community.

We like to think we are competitive, although we do not have any unrealistic expectations for new members; we are open to anyone that meets our requirements and shares our interests, no matter your play style.

Joining Requirements:

- 800m total xp
- P2P member

Weekly Requirements:

To ensure that all our members are active they are required to gain at least 2m total xp per week. Failing to do so will result in a strike. Below is a list of ranks and the corresponding maximum amount of strikes you can receive before you will be deemed inactive and kicked.

Recruit - 4 strikes
Corporal - 5 strikes
Sergeant - 6 strikes

Do not worry if you receive a strike, we reward members that gain at least 10m total xp in a week by removing a strike from their name. Also, you may notice that strikes are given only to those below a Lieutenant rank. Should you prove yourself by claiming a Lieutenant rank or better, you will be exempt from weekly xp requirements. Strikes are reset every 6 months.

The weekly requirement is not intended to be difficult or to test our members, we just want to ensure new members are active.

NOTE: players previously kicked from this clan for receiving too many strikes will be given NO chances until they reach a Sergeant rank, then it goes back to normal. That means you will be kicked if you receive just one strike and are a returning member while a Recruit rank.

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Just be respectful of others. Treat them as you wish to be treated and avoid any controversial topics which might disrupt the clan.


We currently have 1 avatar which which is free to be used by anyone. However, priority will be given to higher ranking clanmates and you must be on world 73, our clan's home world, if you have the avatar summoned. Citadel capping is not required in this clan.


Ranks are based on the xp players earn while in the clan. Below is a table listing the amount of clan xp required for the corresponding rank.

0-25m - Recruit
25-50m - Corporal
50-100m - Sergeant
100-200m - Lieutenant
200-300m - Captain
300-400m - General
400-1000m - Organiser
1000m+ - Coordinator

Admin ranks will be given out temporarily for avatar if it is not already in use by a higher rank.

Signing Up:

Fill out this short form below if you're interested in applying.

Preferred name:
Where you're from/time zone:
Immediate goals:
Long term goals:
Previous clan names and reasons for leaving (kick?):
Anything else to add:

**Make sure you join Talent Squad clan chat as a guest and let a Lieutenant+ rank know that you have applied as this thread is not checked periodically!**

You will be invited ASAP if we are satisfied with your application.

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