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1. What name do you prefer to be called? j46 or cory
2. Total Level?2497
3. Are you P2P? yes
4. What were your previous clans, if any? a pvm clan and a high xp gain clan
5. Why did you leave your last clan? i quit playing runescape just come back
6. Do you plan on being active within the clan chat? yes
7. Do you plan on attending events? as much as i can
8. Do you plan on capping at the Citadel? (Be honest!) always coz its easy afk xp
9. How often would you say you play? try for daily
10. How did you find out about this clan? Did anyone refer you? just looking on forums
11. What made you decide to apply for this clan? like pritty green on headlines haha
12. Anything else we should know about you? i work full time i am a aussie :)
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