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We make no apologies for being, CHOSEN CLAN, the friendly P2P clan for older mature adults. The average age of our members is 38 years old with the youngest being 21.
We have veterans, service members, retirees, great-grandparents, grandparents, marrieds, single parents, professionals, college and career folks as part of our fun group.

Most of us are skillers old enough to own a house and are serious about contributing to the citadel. We have a liberal quota that helps you to decide how to help the clan effort.

If you often hear your favorite song on the elevator, then maybe our family is for you!
We say, family because we never intend to grow past the point where we lose the closeness of kin.

What do we do?:
* gather and play and work at our citadel
* hang out, help train skills, give quest help, do the occasional events together
* chat with each other, sometimes telling bad jokes (sometimes really really bad jokes)

** We are NOT a bossing clan, if you need a bossing clan, we are not it.

Our clanchat is open to all interested in checking us out. Just come on in and we'll pour you a fresh coffee... or tea if you prefer ("Earl Grey.. hot";)!

Why play Runescape in quiet solitude and obscurity like so many other adults?
Why not come and join your spirit with ours and be part of OUR family

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