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Welcome to TheNomads information forum!

TheNomads is a clan that value's friendship and community over anything. Our purpose as a clan is to give players a friendly community to chat with other players and to help our fellow clan members with whatever they may need. Our clan is open to anyone who feel like they want to join. We are very diverse and have skillers, maxed players, comped players, PvM'ers, lore lovers, and anything else under the sun. Now becuase of this, we have many players that will be able to help guide you along and teach you many things about RuneScape.

A cornerstone of our clan is also our clan Discord. It gives us a platform to grow our community and openly communicate with the ability to look back on what was written. There are specific area's of our Discord made for chat bots that will give you information on dailies or anything else that you'd like. Another channel that we have is an intro to PvM guide, made up by a few of our more experienced PvM'ers. Also we have loot and achievement chats, specific channels for voice chatting, and even memes!

Here is a link to our Discord for further questions:

If you'd like to PM us in game with any questions you can PM: HoneyBodger, Stylezz, Iron Stylezz, Doan92, The Gays, Techamp, Kyosium, Inuria. Also, anyone is welcome to Guest in the CC as well.

21-Feb-2019 11:19:13

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