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Hey everyone! ^_^
I'm Aiyar, owner/founder of:

(founded May 2018).
"All for One."

We're a small (but growing!) sized social group, and will never go over 100 members.

Our goal of the clan is to create a social space to combat the dull (or exciting* :P) moments of the daily RS grind. I want to assist all players in need of quest/skill training tips, effigies, portables, and event call-outs like Penguins, Warbands, Shooting Stars etc...

There are no requirements to join, there are no requirements to stay. All players are welcomed to join or guest, and come and go as you wish (ranks returned without question).

We also will
be supporting a Citadel. For that reason, members may join other clans and hang out in our CC freely.

Clan Page --> Link

Thanks for the quick read! Below are our current needs.

positions (no recruiting required)
-players encouraged to apply if you have/are close to Quest Point Cape, Max Cape, 15-year Cape, or can prove extensive knowledge of the game/GE market.

All remaining ranks will be applied by skill level / combat level / xp gained / and other means.

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Hey 'Scapers!

Just want to let you all know that you can guest in our CC anytime, and all members can invite new clanmates! We're glad you checked us out!


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Just wanted to leave a quick post saying I am very interested in joining this clan. It looks like the type I've been looking for for a while. I might try and get on some time Sunday and get an invite if you'll have me :) If I can't make it on then, I will be on vacation all next week out of town but will try to get an invite situation going once I return home ;)

26-May-2018 05:46:27

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