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Welcome to Sanctity's Recruitment Thread

-The Sanctity, is a clan that does different activities such as Socializing, P.V.M,Skilling;
Our doors are always open to anyone seeking a clan in our fields; We look forward of weekly citadel activities. If you are interested in joining us; Join as guest and request invite or via Discord.

- Our main goal is to provide our members with a community where everyone is respected, laid-back socializing and teams for various activities.

- In our clan we treat every member with respect, regardless of their rank, level, and knowledge of the game.

- We are a growing community that does Skilling, P.v.M, Socializing, and Fun Events/Activities.

- We expect our community to help out with the citadel capping and attending clan events. (Highly Appreciated)

What do we have to offer;
- Active Community & Leadership.
- Active Discord.
- Boss trips with clan-members.
- Co-Ops Slayer Tasks.
- Discord server for clan-members and friends.
- Easy Ranking System.
- Elite Dungeons bossing with clan-members.
- Friendly community that does not discriminate.
- Help with slayer and reaper tasks.
- Laid-back and welcoming community.
- Learning bosses with our clan P.v.M leaders who meets the requirements of quests, levels, gears.
- Weekly Citadel Activities.
- Weekly events; Skilling, PvM, Mini-games and much more!

-Discord invite link:

- Clan website link:

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Rank information

We rank you base on
*Capping at Citadel Weekly. (Recommended)
*Socializing with clan members. (Recommended)
*Activity in the Clan Chat & Support each other. (Recommended)
*Recruit minimum of 2 people per month. (Recommended)
*Event Planning (Optional)
*Sponsoring Events (Optional)
*Events can be hosted (Optional)

-One Week
You will be placed on a probation period for the first 7 days within the clan. This probation was made with the results of people not knowing how the clan is operated or unable to get along with the fellow clan members. In addition with being unable to cap for the first week of citadel in cause of leaving another clan.

-Two Weeks
You will be assigned to Corporal after being in the clan for a week. Upon receiving this rank you can start capping which is MANDATORY, and you will receive your first fealty/star on your clan cloak.

-Three Weeks
In the next few weeks, your going to be Capping at Citadel and at-least try and get 2 Recruits. We expect you to be active and helping out in the Clan Chat. You will be assigned to Sergeant Rank until you receive three fealty/star on your clan cloak.
This will demonstrate how helpful you've been upon till this moment along with being helpful in the Clan Chat and Helping out others in need.

*Lieutenant - General
-Four Weeks to Seven Weeks.
These rank is giving to people that stand out of the others in cc and will to make events and sponsor them or at-least run them and get people to come to them.

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- PVM Leaders event managers:
Host bossing events for all clan members occasionally, has great knowledge of PVM/DPS and is willing to help fellow clan members. Maintains order in the clan chat, helps to avoid/solve conflicts

- Skilling/community/social event managers:
People who know efficient ways of leveling up most skills. Have proven to be helpful
towards clan members and hosts mini-games/skilling events from time to time.
Maintains order in the clan chat, helps to avoid/solve conflicts.

- Coordinator:
Clan managers. People who have constantly proven to be helpful within the clan chat/events/citadel. Encourage others to be active with capping, host events, keep the clan chat friendly and working hard to make our clan a better place for everyone.

- Overseer:
Senior clan managers. Demonstrates good leadership skills and very high interest in providing the clan with a strong and successful future. Helps fellow clan mates and owners, maintains order in the clan chat and helps to solve problems.

- Owner/Deputy Owner:
Owners. Making sure the clan is functioning. Will be responsible for the clans future and are capable of making changes when necessary.

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Clan Rules

- Runescape rules apply
- No luring (bannable offense within or out of clan)
- No killing clan-mates in the wild
- No flaming
- No begging or asking
- No threatening
- No sexual harassment
- No discrimination
- No scamming (this includes keeping loot group events/bossing.
- People on clans ban list are to not be invited to a clan event.
- Follow all RuneScape rules
- Any conflicts are to be taken out of the clan chat immediately
- Stay mature (most of the time)
- Be respectful to ALL other clan members at all times
- No advertising other clans
- Little banter from time to time is okay, but know when to stop
- It's possible to be professional and friendly the same time
- No racism

*We are not responsible for the following:
- Staking will be done at your own risk
- All pvp matters will be done at your own risk.
- Trust trading will be done at your own risk

*Every clan member is expected to be aware of who is on the clans ban list

What we expect from our Staffs!

~ Be active
~Not being active WILL result in demotion (can be earned again)~
~It's not enough to just earn it once, keep earning it and more everyday.
~Keep the clan chat free of ALL drama.~
~Be aware of, and enforce Jagex's rules as well as set clan rules.~
~Encourage friendly and do not discourage behavior~
~Be able to separate personal feelings from issues to ensure the best decisions made.~
~Breaking any rules as staff WILL result in an instant removal/permanent ban.

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Members: 130
Homeworlds: 64, 84
Citadel Tier: 6

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[ Leadership ]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Owners: xTrickst3r, F34RL3SS
Deputy-Leader: RubicksCube, 6HotnSpicy9
Overseer: Styx, Yojose0, Legolasjoe
Coordinator: SoEnvious, Solanumkiss


Our activities include (but are not limited to) :
- Various events
- Various mini-games
- Bank-standing
- Laid-back socializing
- Bossing with clan-members
- Citadel capping events - chance for lottery prizes if you choose to cap
*Please have your adventurers log settings set to on so our discord bot can track your cap

*PvM Activties that we currently do; (not limited to)
- Nex
- Corporeal Beast
- Araxxi
- Kalphite Queen
- All of God Wars
- Elite Dungeons

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