A Historic RuneScape Milestone

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Mod William

Mod William

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We are racing towards the historic milestone of the 200 millionth RuneScape account being created.

In anticipation of reaching this mind-blowing total, we have added a counter to allowing everyone to witness this incredible accomplishment.
We think that this achievement is truly amazing and, naturally, we want to celebrate with the people who made it possible: each and every one of you! So, to commemorate this momentous occasion, we have put together a grand celebration - along with a series of events and surprises - to allow the entire community to join us in celebrating the 200 millionth account when the time comes.

Keep an eye on the counter, and make sure you’re around to see this iconic moment in RuneScape history unfold.
The RuneScape Team

12-Jun-2012 11:07:12

The Quester

The Quester

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I guess a congratulations are in order.
Lets take a small look at number of accounts created and number of RuneScape subscribers.
In March 2007 Jagex announced RuneScape had it had One Million subscribing members.
In July 2009 Jagex nabbed a guiness world record for having 156 Million RuneScape accounts created.
Currently there are around 1.6 Million subscribing members (estimated from the high scores) and nearly 198 Million accounts created.
From February to October 2012 RuneScape suffered from a bot infestation caused by the return of free trade with inadequate bot prevention software.
I wonder how many of the recent 40 million accounts created were bots.

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