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Dwarf Quest Competition Winners!

A few weeks ago we asked you to send in your designs for new characters to appear in our epic conclusion of the Dwarf quest saga. Specifically we were looking for your suggestions for a new NPC to lead the Chaos Druids in our quest and an epic monster who would drop the coveted Dragon throwing axes!

We received a ton of amazing entries that have really gone well beyond what we could ever have hoped for. In the end we had to narrow it down to designs we knew we could make fit within the context of the quest. After several long sessions of reviews, arguments, physical violence and name calling we finally reached a consensus over the designs which will be added to RuneScape.

The winning Chaos Druid Entry

For the Chaos Druid we selected the sinister Ikadia who was created by Athonen.

Name: Ikadia the Exile

Appearance: A slim, older woman garbed in a dark red robe. An antlered helm arches upward from behind her head and fragments of bone dangle from her blood-drenched, silvery hair. Her skin is unusually pale and intricate tattoos line the sides of her face. She holds a staff tipped with an
animal skull with great pomp and power.

Personality: Ikadia’s bizarre and terrifying countenance is offset by a soft and inviting voice with a somewhat sophisticated register. She is calculating and thoughtful, but quick to anger. She finds incompetence absolutely intolerable. She regards the adventurer as a useful meddler but one that could prove to be dangerous nonetheless; as such, she is not particularly hostile towards the player at their first meeting, but becomes more aggressive towards the player as he or she progresses through the plot.

Description: Ikadia is the descendant of Urval the Exile, a druid who was driven out of Taverley - along with any who shared his beliefs – in the late Fourth Age, for teaching that Zamorak is Guthix’s most perfect incarnation. She upholds her ancestor’s dark legacy by communing with demons, terrorizing the local druids above, and raising the dead for the Chaos Druids’ dark purposes.
She leads the Chaos Druids in dark rituals involving human and animal sacrifice and reveres Zamorak as another aspect of Guthix and the primal force of destruction – the most necessary catalyst for personal improvement. Xenia, who foiled a plot to kidnap a powerful druid decades ago, is her mortal

The winning Monster Entry

For the monster we selected the intimidating Chaos Giant as suggested by Adraman.

Congratulations to both of you! We will be adding your designs to the game, incorporating your username into the credits and will be sending you the signed concept art of your creation!

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Runners Up

Of course, with so many really great entries it was next to impossible to whittle it down to one winner for each category. To that end we’d like to showcase some runners up who we think deserve praise as well!

Chaos Druids

Cicatrix by Auron Rage

Personality: Erratic, Unhinged

Cicatrix has a very erratic personality, talking at great speeds and often trailing off the conversation for a short time though she can easily bring herself back to focus. She constantly makes use of the surge and escape abilities, never staying in one spot for more than a handful of seconds, even in conversation. She has a macabre fascination with death, hence her Autumn garb, and would most likely be extremely jealous of the player witnessing Guthix's death.

History: Born in Taverley to a family of druids, Cicatrix experienced a very traumatic young life. At the age of six, she witnessed her parents' bodies being ravaged by a pack of hungry wolves which had descended upon the unsuspecting village. Since that day, she was plagued by dreams of death, fire and destruction. She begun her training as a Druidess a year or so later, proving adept in the arts of summoning, herblore and even magic, but the visions never subsided.

During her pilgrimage at age 16, she stumbled upon the Church of Zamorak north-east of Taverley. The Chaos Monks welcomed her, claiming her visions as those of their lord, Zamorak. They offered her a chance to study the path of chaos in a safe haven, in exchange for the secrets of summoning and herblore.
Soon she convinced herself that Chaos was the true face of nature, that there was no order, with death and destruction being necessary for life to flourish and improve. She denounced Guthix as a false god and left with a small company of acolyte monks who had been under her instruction and rode for Taverley.

Donned in the reds and browns and golds of her new lord, her robes decorated with the symbolism of the Autumn season, and the death it brings with it. The druids shunned her, believing her mind to be poisoned. Deflated, her cult of chaos druids retreated to Taverley.

Qybenixx by Sylverthiral
He is a male Chaos Druid by the name of Qybenixx. Although the leader of the Druids he does not appear all that unique. He is an old man with a few remaining whips of grey hair, clean shaven, and dark brown eyes. He looks kind, and could pass for a child's favorite grandfather with his deep set wrinkles and smile. Qybenixx is devious however.

He wears the standard brown robes of the Chaos Druids, yet baggier as if to conceal hidden pockets within his sleeves. He also wears a dark grey, tattered cape; his cloths are perpetually stained with dirt, potion fluids, and perhaps a trace of blood. As expected of a man his age he has a very slight stoop, but is more physically imposing than he might appear.

In all Qybenixx is scholarly, interested in pursuits of Herblore and higher mysteries, but he is also vicious He is not above testing potions and magical spells on the living, ranging from humans to dwarves and everything in-between. He is an expert on the human anatomy, and has healed many of his cohort Chaos Druids from wounds taken battling adventurers.

Qybenixx derives an almost sadistic pleasure form the pain his "subjects" are forced to endure, and is willing to lend his expertise to others, in exchange for the supplies and subjects he requires for his continued experimentation. It is confirmed that Qybenixx has worked with the Black Knights in the past, and ties to the Dagon’hai are speculated.

He despises the Druid order of Taverly, believing that they waylay progress through their rigid set of rules, and the idea of "balance" they practice as followers of Guthix's teachings. He has a hatred for Pikkupstix, but respects the work of Kaqemeex.

Monster Designs

Malice by Texaera

Cave Myzon by Syntillating

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The second I saw the Chaos Giant, I was like "Holy $(*&".
The malice seems to remind me of the Abyssal guardian if it was possessed by Venom.
Anyway, looks like 2013 is shaping up rather well as the "Year of the Players"
Also nice to see old content get new updates.

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First of all congratulations to Athonen and Adraman as Winners! You both have done a great job of the designs. Same thing for those runners up, very good.

Winners :

Ikaida - Very nice design for Her, the design is actually match with Chaos Druid. Her look shown Me if Her kneel to Zamorak! Well done Athonen.

Chaos Giant - That such a big terrifying monster, remind me of Resident Evil bosses, back to those days when I was in college, used to play it ;) You've done amazing work, Adraman.

Runners up :

Malice - This one is my favorite. 3 faces, build from oil and changing shape? that's amazing Texaera. It could be a great boss to fight. And also it's look like Slenderman ;)

Cave Myzon - That one look like a blood-sucker monster. Terrifying, especially encounter them in dark cave.

Amazing job, for Winners and runners up.

Evoker Leon
the Poweful

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Kudos to both of you.

Ikadia is a pretty interesting character. I don't know how you pictured her exactly, but Jagex' design looks pretty good. :) And the Chaos Druid is a big WHAT THE #^%*; I love it!

And good work on the runners-up, all good stuff.

11-Aug-2013 13:39:00

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