Adventurer's Log - New Look

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Mod William

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Adventurer's Log - New Look

Earlier this year you voted for a complete redesign of the Adventurer’s Log section of the website. The web team have been working hard and we’re pleased to announce that the first version is now available!

For this version, we’ve given all the existing features a whole new look. Everything is now much easier to find, with everyone’s Adventurer’s Log split across multiple pages. The system will also be much faster so no more waiting for pages to load!

We’ve got big plans for the Adventurer’s Log. Keep your eyes peeled for some brand-new features, which will be added over the next few months.

The first of these new features was chosen by you: Skill History.

This new feature will be available soon and will show a history of each of your skills, including a breakdown of how much XP you gained each month, going back as far as a year ago!

Enjoy the new-look Adventurer's Log, and let us know what you think.

The RuneScape Team

21-Jul-2014 14:49:54

Do Worker

Do Worker

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Edit: I can't view my own A-Log while logged in on the website (it's on private.) fix pls

Edit #2: Also, why doesn't the Adventurer's Log say what clan the player is in anymore?

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New adv. log looks really good but there are still a couple of bugs. For example, when I click on anybody else's face it still brings me to my own. I've also had a few friends who say their combat level is wrong.

Still really cool though, much better than the old one ^_^
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Missing RSS feed so now I can no longer tweet what I do in-game :(

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21-Jul-2014 15:08:01

Mod Rascasse

Mod Rascasse

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I want to stress that this is very much the first version of the new Adventurer's Log. We've tidied everything up and made it much easier to navigate, and now we will begin adding new features.

We have lots of cool plans for new features that I can't wait to share over the next few weeks.

Known issues:

* Can't view own profile if it is set to private
* Avatar images don't display if you have a space in your name
* Combat level calculation is incorrect for some players
* Some activity logs for TH wins are incorrect (eg showing 10m instead of 100k)
* No link to RSS feed
* Clicking an avatar image on the forums doesn't load that player's profile
* Can't search for a player with a name containing multiple spaces in succession
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The Orange

The Orange

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* Logging in while viewing my own profile yielded a "Non Member Account" after redirect.

* Can we go back to 50 recent events, or even 25? 10 is really easy to just flood out with dg floors/lower levels/clues if you have those on.

* On the skills page, 99's currently always calculate to 200m. Instead, could we have them calculate to 120 (104m~ xp), and then to 200m after this?

* Can we have the different quest categories (complete/in progress/incomplete) load with an AJAX request like the friends list currently does? This would make it quite smoother user experience :)

* When logged in, your total level is replaced with your time played. Can we have the combat level replaced by the total level, but keep the time played where it is? Total level is much more important than combat level, especially for skiller accounts.

* Looking to the future, will it be possible to tie the kill tracking variables that the Boss Slayer dev team are creating next month? It looks like there could be room for another tab at the top :)


* Have there been any new public API's created for this update? Can fansite owners now get quest lists, recent events without having to go through RSS, etc without being throttled?

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