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Midwyn said:
Super Jzny04 said:
Midwyn said:
Death Dagon said:
Midwyn said:
Was that... no, it can't be? The vampyre monster at the end... Safalaan??? D:

Or perhaps whatever escaped at the end of the last quest.
Could be... but it does look like "???" will turn out to be
Queen Efaritay.
But who knows?

Maybe both the Queen and Safalaan got vamp'd and we're about to see what happens when you make an Icyene into a Vyre. Vycyenes as I feel we should call them.
I don't think the Queen (if "???" does turn out to be her) will be vamp'd. It just seems pointless to finally introduce us to the legendary Icyene Queen and then diminish her character to a venator-like vampyric monster.

As for the creature at the end of the video, it definitely is Safalaan. It has to be! Pause it at around 1:01, look at the trimmed vest and the blue sleeves... it has to be him. Poor man. :c

Edit: Not sure if the sleeves are actually blue... I'm a bit colour blind****
* see your point about the clothes(it's hard to tell because of the lighting what color it is) However I looked back at the dev q&a for the quest and have another theorey! Maybe it's the vampire from the paterdomus coffin (priest in peril fame) the mods said he would have a part in the quest!

24-Apr-2016 04:40:56

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