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As you may very well have noticed, Jagex has a new company logo. You’ll see it on the RuneScape and Old School sites, and our all-new Jagex website.

The site is the place to go for up-to-the-minute information about Jagex as a company, our products, career opportunities and more. Do take a look!

The RuneScape Team

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O_o Why? -
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05-Apr-2017 16:47:19

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I literally have this same logo drawn in my childhood closet at my parents house. I was drawing different X games logos and this was one of them, I always liked it good choice! But I wanna know.... which mod was in my closet? Busy losing

05-Apr-2017 17:07:11



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Am I the only one being reminded of another certain bit of slightly-incomprehensible-icon-work-as-done-by-British-people?

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05-Apr-2017 17:15:36

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I'm trying to see it.. It'll come I think. Does remind me of Rockstar Games logo. Best wishes to all.
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05-Apr-2017 17:22:59

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Really interesting, I was visualising if all the letters "JAGEX" somehow fitted in the logo. :)

(they do sort-of)
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05-Apr-2017 17:46:31

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