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Boldly Rule

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I hope that the combat academy is free of fire lines since it is a popular loc for portables.

May be next year if there is no money/time for Easter event we steal osrs's event.

Pls bring back the original format of the Spring Fayer. Longer time to get the same xp from the same event doesn't make it better b/c 1 day = 24 hrs and unlimited training makes it a skilling method not an event. The whole thing is a mess with the old tokens being dropped in copious amounts I am better off waiting 1 year to get the tokens.
As a high lvl player I considered the fayer an event b/c it gives low xp rates. I would visit the event during happy hour for some tokens or earn currency for tokens if I decided to play normally and buy some of the tokens from ge. It was an amusing distraction. If I wanted a particular token I could work for it. Now it is a method of training for low lvl accounts with no incentive for others to visit since you nerfed the xp. Last year's tokens have been reduced to junk status at this point but maybe that was the intention idk. You have to remember that you are selling this stuff for rune coins as well. Clawdia's stall could have been made free and the rest kept the same.

Looking forward to the quest.

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