Price Changes - 4th June 2018

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Was actually going to join today again for the next month, then saw the price and it instantly turned me away.
There are f2p games like warframe, Dota, league, and I can buy games like CS:GO with less than 2 months subs and play it as much as I want.
I think what upsets me most is that it's the same cost as a AAA title for a game that barely has 20 devs on it (OSRS is what I am looking at), and server costs are minimal as I know private servers can run upwards of 500 people on ~20 dollars/month virtual servers.

What I am trying to say is that the cost is just too high for what I am getting, the nostalgia isn't worth and I am not young enough to actually have the free time to grind gold instead to feel like I'm not paying for it.

After wanting to come back after about 530 days of not logging in, the price made me turn away and I am sure there others who feel the same. At $7 a month I probably would have paid for a subs for both me and my friend, not at $22 for both.

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