Price Changes - 4th June 2018

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Boldly Rule

Boldly Rule

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A few points:
1. Real Life - When your currency looses value exports become cheaper - RS - USD price for gold memb was much higher than GBR price
2. Real Life - Economies are struggling to achieve 2 % growth for years; negative interest rate in Japan, near 0% in the USA - RS - 10% price hike
3. When something costs more it is of higher quality so if we are to invest more real money in RS the value of RS items becomes more valuable in terms of real money. I would like to see scamming in the game addressed due to higher cost of everything. Trade between players should occur in 2 stages: there should be a middle section in the trade window with a checkbox to confirm that these are the agreed items of the trade and items in the middle section could not be changed by players except by cancelling the trade because they were put there by the game not the player.
4.I will give an example - update of wildy sword done by someone who doesn't play the game. All new devs should learn to ask the question : Is this content used in a repetitive and daily manner? If the person doesn't know how something functions they can create a thread and ask the players for suggestions for lets say a week before proceeding with updates. Better management is needed because breaking something that wasn't broken and wasting time to repair it wastes our money. All that was needed was to add rightclick Edgeville tele to the augmented wildy sword instead we got a version that breaks the most common functions of the sword - rc and warbands.
5. For the new price of RS pls hire an outside graphics studio and beautify the whole of RS3.
6. I hope we are not paying for OSRS's content.
7. Better TH updates pls.

10-Apr-2018 20:16:20

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