Price Changes - 4th June 2018

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Mod Cam said:
Scaper Maji said:
Literally everyone, in a few minutes: aaaaaaaaa I don't want to pay two extra dollars for something I already pay for!!!

me: Like... they literally said you can keep your current rate if you play consistently. and if you don't, why do you are? What is your problem here?

That's correct - As long as you maintain your subscription (with a 14 day grace period), your subscription costs will be locked to it's current rate.

I have the same question

01-Oct-2018 12:23:48

Kip Tandoori
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Kip Tandoori

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RiDaku said:
Increasing bond and runecoin prices? Lmfao.

As i see it this can't be raised to infinity.
Maybe mobile brings alot more players, that would help.
Or what you get for using a bond would have to change.
I only like bonds with a 1000 lvl req to be able to buy.
Overal i think everything is getting expensive, but that's probably because i don't have alot of money.
WARNING: I don't have alot of money.

The Player

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It wasnt as bad as I thought. What was the price earlier? I am buying bonds from GE for memberships on my alts. If you are good at making gps then you can get by completely free. I pay for VIP on main though because I really like that blue VIP star :)

25-Oct-2018 02:14:57

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11-Nov-2018 06:48:02

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This is absurd you guys. For the ones mentioning how the price difference shouldn't matter, we're talking about a monthly subscription, a monthly payment where other monthly payments are also being made. Utilities, other subscriptions even. It builds up and every price difference matters. Income is a very necessary thing and to significantly save money for very important things more over less these things matter. Don't be annoying. Even if you think it doesn't matter, it does, and if people dislike the price change, it's going to make a difference to some people.

If they need more money, even I could come up with better solutions. Stop updating your game with mundane content. They shouldn't need me as a developer over there. They should be capable of understanding that there are reasons for their loss of players.

Even if there is OSRS client, the main game client could simply be updated with valuable content like it was before the drop in members existed. Fix it in some way, but not in an obvious money grabbing way. But sadly that isn't the case. And you're defending them? It's gross.

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IMO bonds are going to increase in street price i'm assuming. I'm getting membership for one month so I can acquire the money for bonds throughout to avoid this ridiculous price. But if that doesn't work i'm not getting it or re-visiting ever again. THAT'S a big struggle with this price change if it happens or already has happened.

24-Nov-2018 00:29:05

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Honestly the fact the $25 prepaid cards went from giving you 90 days to only 65 days is completely unacceptable. As someone who can't put a card online and has always relied on the prepaid cards for membership time, to lose almost 1/3 of what I've been paying for is simply too much and if that's how it is from now on then... guess I'll be done paying for runescape here when my membership expires

28-Dec-2018 00:06:00



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Was actually going to join today again for the next month, then saw the price and it instantly turned me away.
There are f2p games like warframe, Dota, league, and I can buy games like CS:GO with less than 2 months subs and play it as much as I want.
I think what upsets me most is that it's the same cost as a AAA title for a game that barely has 20 devs on it (OSRS is what I am looking at), and server costs are minimal as I know private servers can run upwards of 500 people on ~20 dollars/month virtual servers.

What I am trying to say is that the cost is just too high for what I am getting, the nostalgia isn't worth and I am not young enough to actually have the free time to grind gold instead to feel like I'm not paying for it.

After wanting to come back after about 530 days of not logging in, the price made me turn away and I am sure there others who feel the same. At $7 a month I probably would have paid for a subs for both me and my friend, not at $22 for both.

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