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Elite Dungeons

Sounds quite interesting if you can make the dungeon(s) unique and fun to explore, but just like what happened with shattered worlds, the potential is there for it to flop big time. I'm praying that the jmods working on it can get it right this time.

Player-Owned Farm (POF)

Not really a big fan nor against even more "Player-Owned" things, but if you used the existing farms in the game somehow (like the one south of Falador, my favorite), it'd help revive those from the dead as well.


What a waste of time, honestly. By not having a solo option, you're already cancelling out lots of players, and Solak itself is just so meh in design. This one should've been scrapped before the real development even started.

Master Skillcape Perks & Improving 99 Skill Perks

Change the agility perk and give max and comp capes all the perks without the need of pointless switching; that's all.



One potentially great update (elite dungeons), one potentially decent update (POF) and one boring update that should've come out months ago (Solak). Combining the price increase with the outrageous MTX selling, I still don't really see it being justified, unless you toned down MTX. E.g. if you removed TH, then it'd be understandable.

Cheers! > )
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