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Boldly Rule

Boldly Rule

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I'm sorry to say that we already paid for premier membership and obtaining a boss targeting the top 3% and farming which most ppl hate is something that doesn't even warrant the price of premier membership. Should have gotten the cape perks right the first time around.

1 Elite dungeon for 2018 is just good sense not reason to increase prices.

Pls consider developing pet park. Pets are popular and the park will be too. More invention tools for skills which will impact many players not just a few.
Collect skilling trophies to become the ultimate skiller - impacts large number of ppl.
Skilling offhands pls.
Give us a new skill. Ports update. In general thing to do like memorial of Guthix but for hunter.
To support the mobile release pls invest your own capital and do not put the burden on existing players as this is yet to be proven a success.

13-Apr-2018 17:38:03

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