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Boldly Rule

Boldly Rule

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Dilbert2001 said:
Just the free month of membership is already worth the money for a lot of players.

Overwatch just launched a new Twitch Prime offer, of course, without the free membership since they don't have that payment plan. Participants will get 3 loot boxes of exclusive legendary skins.

Comparing to the Overwatch Twitch Prime deal, Jagex has a lot more to offer... and if you look at it from another angle, many players actually value 3 loot boxes of exclusive legendary skins to be distributed over 3 months have the same, if not more, value than one free month of membership + 200 RC + a lot of other goodies. That should gives you the idea of how many players actually like loot boxes more than free membership and such. ;)

I wish cosmetics were guaranteed from the purple slot. I got springs and traps which I didn't want.
Also I keep getting springs left and right in game which irks me considering the spring cleaner is getting changed/scraped.

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